Tale from the practice room

Sundays are — right now — the only day Bobbie and I practice at the same time.

This Sunday’s practice seemed to be particular rough for both of us; I knew mine was. Stiffer than normal hips, crunchy shoulders — the physical side of things that can make getting to the non-physical a little more of a challenge.

You’ll understand how I could tell Bobbie was feeling much the same if you’ve ever practiced next to someone.

After pulling myself up and out of Supta Kurmasana — surely the exit was not correct — I just had to say something.

“I wish this was fun for one of us.”

Bobbie laughed, which was good. I’d seen she at least wasn’t in some crazy Second Series pose, so I had figured the timing was OK. I thought maybe we could both use a little break, a little pause in things

And then she put me in my place.

“I think that would be worse.”

Misery loves company, even in Ashtanga.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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