A good time for reflection

You’ll understand why when you read Tim Miller’s latest:

Our auspicious week continues on Wednesday with the beginning of Rosh Hashanah—Jewish New Year– at sundown.  This begins the “Days of Awe”, an important time of introspection and renewal that culminates with Yom Kippur, the “Day of Atonement,” on October 4th.  Coinciding with the Jewish high holy days is the Indian festival known as Navaratri, the nine nights of the goddess.  The first three nights of Navaratri are dedicated to worshipping Durga to destroy any negativity; the next three to Lakshmi for prosperity: and the final three to Saraswati for self-knowledge.  The tenth day of Navaratri is known as Vijaya Dashami, a celebration of Durga’s victory over the buffalo demon, Mahishasura.  This will be commemorated in Mysore and other parts of India with the famous Dasara procession on Saturday October 4th—the same day as Yom Kippur.  Jewish and Indian festivals are based on the lunar calendar, and both cultures seem to agree that this is a particularly significant time of the year.

You can find out what else is happening high above us at the link. There’s plenty of opportunity for discernment and illumination. Sounds like we have a couple of weeks coming when practice should be a little slower, a bit more focused on what’s happening inside and all-around contemplative.

Especially if, with the Full Moon happening about 11:50 p.m. Pacific time this week, we had a split on which day to observe off from practice: Tuesday or Wednesday. And you may have been unable to pick, so went with the very reasonable both.

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