Without vinyasa

This past summer, I mused a wee bit about some scientific studies that, taken together, suggest yoga isn’t enough of an “exercise” to be your sole form of exercise. I figured out what 60 minutes of yoga is equal to and really was slightly shocked that Ashtanga was named as one of the forms of yoga that doesn’t get your heart and lungs going enough.

Well, maybe mystery solved.

This morning, I had to modify my practice significantly due to a little injury on the palm of my left hand. (Sort of near where the turkey’s butt would be, if you imagine the old “using my hand to draw a turkey” image.) It was aggravating to put weight on my palm, which made seated vinyasas sort of awful, as you might imagine.

So I took them out.

And, yeah, not so strenuous.

I figure there’s something to the consistently spaced movement that perhaps boosts your cardio just enough to bump Ashtanga a little beyond your “typical” yoga practice. I’m guessing, in other words, that the Ashtanga talked about in that study might have strung together the asanas but avoided the vinyasas.

Not that it wasn’t a fine yoga practice. I spent more time/breaths in the poses, which I think has me sore from the stretching — always a good thing for me, at least.

It’s just I feel like I could have used a run after.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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