Manju Jois on the breath

This looks to be one of quite a few yoga- and Ashtanga-related videos at this YouTube channel: love yoga anatomy. “These videos are part of a loveyogaanatomy initiative to connect with teachers and professionals from around the world,” the description reads.

I can’t get the second of these videos to upload, but you can click on the “Playlist” bar and jump to Manju Jois talking about the breath.

We seem to be riding a little glut of new videos lately.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “Manju Jois on the breath”

  1. wow, he says everything I say to students, thanks! Love your blog, it always seems to confirm what I learn on the mat. Way out here in WV, Ashtanga is not well appreciated so having this connection to the Ashtanga world is wonderful, very helpful and supportive. When I go study with the senior teachers I am always struck by how similar we are; in your own words – many of us have hung onto our “counter culture roots” (in my words, because it is the truth!). Thanks again!

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