New documentary on Ashtanga up for a download

A new, 60-minute documentary on Ashtanga, appropriately titled “Breathing Ashtanga Yoga”, is now available for download to your very own computer.

Link is here, and it includes a five-minute preview. Here’s the quick description:

Enter into the world of yoga and find out about a practice that has become famous worldwide: its history, tradition, series, benefits… how useful and necessary this practice can be for our hectic lifestyles in this modern world. Be inspired by the life-changing experiences described by students as well as authorized and certified teachers.

The cost is $9.99. The director, Josu Ozkarita, is from Spain, so there are Spanish subtitles (or English subtitles when there is a Spanish voice over).

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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