A bunch of kooky vintage yoga pictures

I suppose this post is literally a #TBT.

Click on this here link to get a couple of dozen of “vintage” — anywhere from the ’30s to the ’70s or so, with one notable 1993 shot — photos of people, mostly Westerners, doing various forms of yoga.

Maybe I mean various forms of “yoga.”

A few really notable things:

  • Why is this on weather.com?
  • There are many great yoga names. Laszlo Szabo may be the best.
  • Actor Anthony Quinn was pretty cool.
  • I enjoy the one caption’s important detail: “knitted pant suit.”

Here’s a little from the write-up that goes along with the photos:

Yoga, an Indian art, has been around since at least 15th century, possibly as early as the 10th. It’s an ancient practice meant to inspire a connection between mind, body and nature.

Modern yoga, as we know it today, gained popularity about 150 years, slowly trickling down from Indian spiritual leaders to a small population of curious yogis to finally, the masses, David Gordon White, a scholar of yoga and religious studies, writes in Yoga, Brief History of an Idea.

Anyway, a decent little walk down history-lane.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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