YogaGlo drops online filming patent

YogaGlo has dropped its patent application for the way it films online yoga classes, according to this post at Yoga International. It cites another post, this one at YogaGlo from a few days ago:

In an effort to remove confusion and concern within the yoga community and beyond, we have decided to focus our efforts on narrowing our protections. To begin this process in earnest, we have decided to forfeit the issued patent. We still believe the look and feel of our classes are unique to YogaGlo and have become associated with high quality teaching. We will continue to protect that just as we would protect our logo or our name.

In the year since our patent was awarded, there have been several new entrants to the online yoga space and we’ve been thrilled to see that. We have not enforced our patent and we firmly stand by our belief that encouraging all companies to be creative and develop their own unique look and feel (rather than copying from others) is a vital way that online yoga customers will have the best available choices for their practice and that online yoga communities will thrive.

Our coverage of the issue is here. YogaGlo at one point send a cease and desist order to Yoga International over the issue (thus the interest on YI’s part).

A key thing about this was that it wasn’t about “copyrighting” yoga. It was about the specific filming perspective YogaGlo uses, meant to give viewers the sense they are part of the online class.

This seems to have ended with an actual “namaste.”

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