Take some short asana classes with Sharath at Sonima.com

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Sonima website (helpfully at Sonima.com) is up and running. I suspect — as I’ve been suspecting — this means that when the Encinitas Jois studio reopens after its overhaul, it will be as Sonima. We’ll see.

No doubt, the more general Sonima name better fits what’s happening there. Ashtanga — yoga, even — is just a part.

But on to the Sharath classes. He’s one of the “featured experts” along with Deepak Chopra. And included are short classes. Here’s a link to the 10-minute one. You’ll find 15-, 20- and 25-minute ones there, as well. They include students at different levels. I haven’t yet watched them closely — feel free to drop your reactions in the comments.

There’s even the below video (taken here from Sonima’s Youtube channel) of Sharath talking about what to do when you don’t have time for a full-out asana practice:

You also, of course, can just scoot around the site and see what you find.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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