Undo your shackles this January with a weekend of yoga and Vedanta

For the second time, Eddie Stern and Robert Moses — co-founders of Namarupa — will be holding a weekend workshop over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. It will focus on yoga and Vedanta.

It’s easiest to quote from the flyer for the weekend:

Yoga and Vedanta are practical philosophies born from the age-old burning desire to understand our essential inner nature and our place in the world. We take our perceptions for granted, and believe them to be real. The ancient Rishis of India questioned this belief in perception and created several philosophical systems based on three basic questions: What are the objects of the world which we see made of? What is the nature of the process of observing the world that occurs through our senses? Who it is that perceives? The answers they gave led to practices that we do even this day.

In this weekend retreat, Robert Moses will give talks on Yoga and Vedanta, Eddie Stern will lead morning and afternoon Ashtanga Yoga classes, and Jocelyne Stern will lead meditation. There will be question and answer periods, group discussions, and breaks for chai.

Pastor NaRon Tillman, who will be hosting us in his church gymnasium, will join us to give talks on Martin Luther King Jr. and the imperative need of our day to undo the shackles of bias that bind us to our prejudices and perceptions and hold us back from freedom and truth.

Both Saturday and Sunday will include morning and evening yoga classes (the later described as “yoga therapy,” the morning ones are Led Primary) and a couple of sessions on Vedanta.

Unlike last year, it won’t be at AYNY, but at the Brooklyn StuyDome at St. Philip’s Christian Church. Cost is $190 for the full weekend, $105 for one day and $55 for half a day. Out-of-towners also get a Monday morning yoga session at AYNY.

Last year’s was great — so you may wanna check your calendars. I suspect there will be more info soon at both AYNY and Namarupa’s websites.

Update: Here’s specifics from Namarupa’s Tumblr page.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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