Explore the history of yoga asana

Just how we got to the point where we are doing down dogs and any and every other yoga pose is a matter of some debate. (Browse through these pieces for some of that debate.) I suppose it can be summed up as the “yoga is 5,000 years old vs. asana dates to maybe 125 years ago” argument.

I happened upon a sort of (maybe?) new voice in the argument thanks to this newly uploaded video:

It leads you to this site: Yoga Transformed. (That begs the obvious question, right? Transformed from what?) Here’s the details:

Many of the poses popularly associated with yoga today have their origins in the early 1900s and were influenced by a hybrid of Indian physical culture and European gymnastics. Yet, the yoga tradition spans thousands of years and is rooted in spiritual pratices, ethics, philosophy and a distinct culture. Join Eric Shaw, MA.RS, MA.SE, MA.AS, in this fascinating 2-part online ecourse that explores some of the key people, places, events and ideas that shaped yoga into the global phenomenon that it is today.

The ecourse costs $39 to download and apparently counts as three credits toward Yoga Alliance training. Has anyone gone through it and have an opinion?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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