Year in Review: What you read in 2014

We’re going to sail smoothly into 2015 with a couple of look backs at the year that was 2014 here at The Confluence Countdown. Up first, the top posts of the year.

10. Can you be too old to start Ashtanga? The answer, you might not be surprised to here, is “no.”

9. Ashtanga, injury and pain. Our roundup on the topic.

8. Why Ashtanga will never be popular, part 2. As you’ll find, an ongoing, popular topic.

7. Some thoughts on holding students back in Ashtanga. Everyone has their own view on this one.

6. Who has done all of the Ashtanga series? Does it matter? Just who has all six series under his or her belt?

5. Yogi diet: No hybrid wheat, being mainly raw. We all are concerned about how we fuel ourselves.

4. Why Ashtanga won’t ever be popular. Told you. Popular. Combined they would be the “most popular” post of the year, view-wise.

3. Why does drishti work? Why indeed?

2. BKS Iyengar health update: Yoga guru put on kidney dialysis. We had a lot of traffic around Iyengar’s passing.

1. Iyengar: ‘Krishnamacharya was the only person who gave Ashtanga yoga’. We found this video and it got passed around a lot.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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