It’s 2015 — time for those yoga resolutions (and yoga-related ones)

Happy New Year all. Have you chanted the Hanuman Chalisa yet or done 108 Sun Salutes to welcome 2015? (If you just did the 108 for the solstice, you are off the hook. Or, here’s an alternative: 27 As, 27 Bs, 27 backbends, 27 handstands. No need to thank me.)

And since it is the new year, it is the time for the obligatory resolutions. I’ll start:

Too much wheat has slid into the diet during the holidays, so I’ll get rid of it. I’ll work harder on backbends during practice. I’ll try to focus on drishti more. And I’ll keep trying to find some semblance of a meditation practice.

Any y’all wanna share?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “It’s 2015 — time for those yoga resolutions (and yoga-related ones)”

  1. I am taking my fledgling home based practice out of my livingroom and into a Ashtanga Yoga Shala! As of Monday morning I have committing to doing a 6 day per week practice, in our local Ashtanga studio, under the guidance of a real Ashtanga teacher! It has been years since I was this nervous and excited about anything- but I’m ready to get on my mat! Wish me luck!

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