Two yoga stories that prove 2015 will be a lot like 2014

Just three days into the new year, and already we can pass along two new developments in the yoga world that make one want to spend 2015 in kurmasana.

Snowga is up first:

If there’s snow, chances are there’s Snowga, for the marriage of yoga and snow sports with a winter wonderland backdrop is making headlines and inspiring folks from all over to bridge the gap.

When ski instructor and registered Kripalu yoga teacher Anne Anderson choreographed a hybrid class in 2012 and put it on the schedule at Connecticut’s Mohawk Mountain resort, it was met with enthusiasm, according to Fitness Magazine.

There’s even a Snowga website, because of course.

If you’re adverse to the cold, there’s always the heat of speed dating. Speed dating meets yoga, that is:

I dived into the speed dating trend about 12 years ago and even wrote a story for The (Colorado Springs) Gazette about my experience. No great love ever came of it, or even a single date if I recall correctly, but I could see that there was potential for meeting somebody.

However, those speed dating events were typically held in a bar and splashed with a liberal dose of alcohol. That’s not my scene any more, and maybe it’s not yours, either. So where do you meet people with similar interests?

Amy Baglan, yoga teacher and founder of YogaDates in Denver, founded an event specifically for us: Yoga speed dating.

There’s even a YogaDates website, because of course.

If you want what, in my opinion, is a vastly overwritten rumination on the commodification of yoga, check out this Oxford University Press blog post. Big words to make a pretty obvious point.

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