Danny Paradise: ‘I consider yoga the science of strength’

After happening upon the video of Danny Paradise last week, I felt compelled to check out his website and see if there’s anything new there.

There is. Sort of. I hadn’t checked in a while, so this piece from the German Yoga Journal dates to July 2014. But I haven’t seen it floating around anywhere, so check it out if you want. Here’s a taste:

To me the essence of Yoga is personal responsibility and personal authority. So once these practices are learned they help nurture independence, freedom and evolution. The practices become a personal, private exploration without the necessity of a guru, a priest or a medium to connect with our soul and Spirit. Through these ancestral gifts of these teachings people can reconnect with their soul and the ‘Great Soul’. They can become Masters of their dream…unsealing their hidden instructions and creating and fulfilling life purpose. The practices also show people how to age with vitality, grace and acceptance. Doing a regular Yoga practice can add decades of active energy onto a person’s life. Through learnng to be fearless as well as learning that the Spirit is Love we can also understand how to approach transition in clarity, peace, tranquility and grace.

I consider Yoga the science of strength, the science of flexibility, the science of balance..the science of healing, breath, meditation, happiness, aging and the science of peace…I try to pass all these ideas on when I teach.

Since I was doing the 2015 schedules this last week, here’s a link to his 2015 calendar.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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