The true stories of yoga teachers

This site isn’t new, but in the way of the Internet, it’s new to me: Yoga Teachers’ True Stories. We’ll link you to Tim Miller’s:

When I first studied with Guruji in ‘78 his command of English was fairly limited and these first couple of trips to the States he was teaching all Mysore style. So this was a fairly good size room and there were probably thirty to thirty-five people who were all practicing at the same time Mysore style. So him just being one man and trying to cover such a large room and so many students, basically his geographic presence, his proximity to you would inspire you to 200% in the asana for fear of being adjusted.

He was quite a powerful man at that time. He was in his early sixties at that time and his adjustments were quite strong. Although he had a good sense of humor and seemed quite light he still inspired a certain amount of terror when he came close by, so it was quite interesting.

I was just learning the second series at the time and after classes, after savasana he would arrange those people who were doing second series or beyond in a big circle and teaching us pranayama. So that was quite an interesting experience.

Richard Freeman, David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff are included — as are other styles’ teachers.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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