Yoga news: A whole mess of awful

Typically I’ll ignore the wacky and stupid yoga stories that come across my patented yoga teletype machine, but on Tuesday there were too many to ignore:

The only legit one is that Colorado may wade into the whole “licensing yoga teachers” issue. Here’s coverage from the Denver Post:

As the demand for yoga continues to grow in this fitness-happy state, the question of whether certain yoga classes need to be government certified has costly implications that critics say will drive small operations out of business.

The potential stressor in the studio comes after a yoga teacher complained that only six yoga teacher-training studios were following an oft-ignored 2002 law that required they be certified with the state. In response, the Division of Private Occupational Schools mailed out 82 letters, asking program operators to provide a brief summary of their operation, a copy of a school catalog and brochure and their recruiting materials.


Colorado began regulating yoga teacher-training studios in 2002, said Lorna Candler, director of the Division of Private Occupational Schools, which is part of the Department of Higher Education.

“We are not targeting yoga schools or the yoga community,” she said. “This is about teacher-training programs.”

Yogis wonder what’s next. Do state standards apply to those who teach a spinning class? What about Zumba? Or step classes?

If tuition is collected with the intent of training someone to get a job and teach that particular skill, then the program would probably need to be certified, Candler said.

The Yoga Alliance, a nonprofit trade organization that represents yoga interests, is fighting the state over certification and has hired Squire Patton Boggs to represent its interests.

Maybe one to watch. Also one to watch: When 300 dogs do do yoga together.

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3 thoughts on “Yoga news: A whole mess of awful”

  1. I want to see “Yoga Teacher” be as serious of an occupation as Chiropractor or Acupuncturist rather than Aerobics Instructor. The Yoga Alliance is actively opposing such state regulation while doing little more than creating “social credentialing”. I don’t wish to forever be an Independent Contractor without rights and healthcare.

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