Vegan for a month?

We’re reeling here at the news that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, which may mean we’ll drown ourselves in some combo of whiskey and pho.

But we shouldn’t. So, to help us stay on the good side of things — if not the raw one — here’s a collection of stories and recipes as the Los Angeles Times tries to figure out its wacky Westside of LA readership via Veganism:

I’ve heard from many people motivated to become vegan by animal welfare issues. Health and the environment are other reasons to discuss, but this week, about halfway through my month chronicling my vegan ways, I’m going to turn to some practicalities.

Just how hard is it to become a vegan? If you’re new to it, where do you start? I’ve gotten some advice from readers, and I’ve reached out to a few people.

Our problem with a lot of these products is all the processing.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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