These days, yoga helps define one of the characters on ‘The Odd Couple’

If you remember “The Odd Couple,” congratulations — you’re old.

Well, CBS has brought the tale of two ill-matched guys living together back to the small screen. And yoga is one of the annoying characteristics of the fastidous Felix Unger (you may recall Tony Randall playing him on TV; in the earlier movie version, it was Jack Lemmon; and there was a play before that.)

This time around, Felix is played by Thomas Lennon, who you may know from Reno 911. Here’s a bit of his discussion with Pasadena-area NPR station KPCC:

How much of the conversations that you had about the show were focused on what do you retain and what do you change? A lot of it has this very similar DNA. 

Unbelievably so and especially, I think, the pilot episode…I promised myself I’m going to play Felix Unger; I’m not going to play Tony Randall playing Felix Unger. My intention was to just continue the stories of the Neil Simon characters more than try to recreate the ’70s show…There are lots of new things that come up like you get to see Felix teach yoga. A lot of the lame aspects of my personality have bubbled over into this. There’s a lot of yoga. That’s called temple pose, that I do at the end of the show. They had me in sort of a downward dog pose and I said I just don’t think that’s funny enough…at one point in the script it said Felix is reading a magazine or something and I said, wouldn’t it be more Felix-y and more super annoying if I was practicing the cello. I play the cello, so I brought my own three-quarter-size cello. A lot of the sort of annoying aspects of myself are bubbling over.

He could always take lessons on bringing yoga to the TV screen, for laughs, from Tim Miller.

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