Colorado won’t license yoga teachers (plus Pat Robertson and an Irish priest)

I’ve decided to start this post with: Pat Robertson and an Irish priest walk into a bar…

Sadly, the punchline ain’t funny. Before we get to it, though, some “good” news. As we highlighted last month, Colorado was looking closely at a law that ostensibly regulated yoga teacher training programs. The new focus freaked people out, and in response the state’s Legislature is now moving through a bill that would exempt yoga teacher training programs from state regulations.

And a state lawmaker did crow pose at his desk! More from the Denver Post (including a picture of said pose):

They said yoga teacher training isn’t the same as programs that train students to be dog groomers or truck drivers.

“For most, yoga isn’t a profession; it’s a passion,” agreed state Sen. Laura Woods, R-Arvada. “For years, the yoga teacher training schools have been operating without government intervention. In all those years, we do not know of a single complaint against the yoga teacher training schools.”

Now, the bad punch line. Yes, Pat Robertson said doing yoga tricks you into praying in “Hindu.” And, yes, a Catholic priest in Northern Ireland — which means I’m pushing it calling him an “Irish priest,” I know — equated yoga with Satanism.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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