Breaking news: Yoga’s a ‘growth industry’

This just in: Yoga’s hot.

Not hot, like Bikram or its “haute” imitators. Hot as in, “Man, where can I invest my money?” hot.

The USA Today — perhaps the very pinnacle of “mainstream media” — catches us up on this surprising news:

Other signs that yoga is a growth industry:

• The Wall Street Journal recently reported that some yoga classes are so overcrowded that peace-seeking yogis are getting into fights over mat space.

• Lulelemon, best known for its flattering yoga pants for women, has started openingstores just for men.

Yoga Journal, a print and online magazine, is celebrating its 40th anniversary and “business is booming,” with a growing print readership of 2.1 million and more than 5 million online page views a month, says editor in chief Carin Gorrell.


So why the growth now?

“Number one is accessibility,” Gorrell says. It used to be you did yoga at a yoga studio. It wasn’t available in your gym. There weren’t that many DVDs. Now it’s offered in pretty much every gym on a regular basis. It’s everywhere.”

Indeed, fitness professionals ranked yoga among top-ten trends for 2014 and 2015 in surveys for the American College of Sports Medicine.

But yoga is seen as more than a fitness tool. It’s increasingly seen as therapy for the body and mind, Gorrell says.

Case in point: since 2012, Medicare has covered cardiac rehabilitation programs that include yoga. The programs also include a vegetarian diet and meditation.

In the USA Today’s defense, it is tying this news to a new survey from the National Institutes of Health. So it isn’t as though the yoga news is news to them. Necessarily.

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