Now you can drink that third cup of coffee

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m starting to think Starbucks is behind all the pro-coffee research that drips out like, well, obviously, coffee from an old-school coffee maker.

But it remains my duty to pass on info that supports the “No coffee, no prana” motto of this here site. So, here it is:

Researchers found that people who drink between three and five cups of coffee a day are likely to have less coronary artery calcium (CAC) than those who drink no coffee at all.

They also found a correlation between people who drink between one and three cups of coffee a day and a reduced prevalence of CAC, according to a paper published Monday in the journal Heart.

But try not to overdo it: Drinking more than five cups of coffee a day was associated with a higher levels of CAC, the authors report.

Calcium in the coronary artery isn’t always a problem, but at high enough levels it can be an early sign of coronary heart disease.

I love the idea of a journal called Heart. How that isn’t a New Age publication, I don’t know.

This study was of nearly 30,000 men and women in South Korea. The researchers say they don’t know why coffee might be good for you — and that (as always) further research is needed.

But back to my Starbucks suspicion. Here’s how this article ends:

A flurry of recent reports suggest that there are many reasons to drink coffee: For example, it has been associated with improvements in short term memory, and reducing the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, melanoma Type 2 diabetes and liver cancer.

Remember all that pro-wine research?

Also, on the diet front: Science tells us why Indian food is so tasty.

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