If you want, you can be part of a research study into the effects of Ashtanga

If you’re the type who likes to fill out questionnaires or wants to contribute to the greater understanding of yoga’s effects (or both), maybe this is up your alley: an online university study about yoga — targeted at Mysore practitioners.

Link to the survey is here. A little about it:

Purpose of this study. This study is part of a larger investigation aimed at gaining better understanding of the effects of yoga on emotional well-being.

What will the study involve? 

Participants will fill out a set of online questionnaires at seven time points (during the first week of March and every 4-5 months for two years). The completion of the questionnaires will take about 25-30 min per time point.
  1. Additionally, participants will receive a link to an online practice diary weekly, and asked to indicate how much they have practiced during the last week (takes about 1 minute to complete per week).

All questionnaires will be sent by e-mail and answers are strictly confidential. 

Why have you been asked to take part? You are currently practicing Ashtanga yoga Mysore Style. Following you along for two years will help us tremendously to further unravel the long-term effects of yoga, specifically the Mysore approach, on emotional health. Data from this study will altogether help yoga on its way to become an evidence-based complementary alternative medicine.

From what I can glean clicking on it, you still can take part despite that “first week of March” mention.

Note: I saw it originally at Ashtanga.com.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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