This video is now topping the Ashtanga charts

I’ve been watching, probably over the past couple of months, as the search results on YouTube for “Ashtanga” shift. Down the list has gone the 1989 video of the senior Western students with Guruji; up and then down has come this current teacher’s video.

But the top has always remained the same. This one:

Until now. On Sunday, it finally got bumped. By this:

Now, this video hasn’t had as many total view (yet), but knowing YouTube, it has been getting more than any others recently. So it’s the new “most popular” Ashtanga video out there. For what that’s worth.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

4 thoughts on “This video is now topping the Ashtanga charts”

  1. Yes, I followed both classes, shared it on Fb. I love it that it’s one for a Half Primary session and one for the Full session. 🙂

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