Saturday rant: Make yoga safe for men!

OK, keep up with me here, we’re going to move at Hanuman-like speed.

I’ve seen an uptick lately of a “yoga issue” I thought maybe had gone away: that yoga isn’t welcoming to men. (Probably it is more about its not being welcoming to dudes, or bros or guys, but men suffices.)

Tim, teaching, as usual. And it's always safe for men. And women.
Tim Miller, teaching, as usual. And it’s always safe for men. And women.

Let’s break it down.

  1. We can agree on the timeline that yoga is 5,000 years old. OK?
  2. During those five millennia (not even just centuries, millennia), yoga was practiced exclusively — or so close to exclusively that it’s fair to say “exclusively” — by men. (Probably well-off or higher class men, too, but we digress and I promised speediness.)
  3. Women have been a majority of yoga practitioners for maybe the past 30 years. And that’s mostly in the West.
  4. So of its 5,000 years, men haven’t been the dominant yogis for just — quick bit of math here — 0.6%. Or close to one half of one percent of the time yoga has been practiced.

Men are in no way in need of taking back yoga or making it work for them.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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