‘Americans treat yoga as a workout, while Indians seek something deeper’

CBS This Morning, yesterday morning, had a nearly five-minute piece on why Indians think Americans are doing yoga wrong.

Link, with video included, is here. From the piece:

Lastova loves American yoga and is far from alone. More than 20 million Americans practice yoga. It’s an exercise industry worth more than $10 billion annually. Lastova said Indian yoga simply would not translate in America.

“You pose and stop and pose and stop,” she said. “That’s probably the biggest difference — the freedom of expression in each pose.”

India’s yoga minister counters that Americans treat yoga as a workout, while Indians seek something deeper.

Naik said the technique is what brings the benefits, and with the wrong technique, there are no benefits.

If the Ashtanga police are resounding in your ears right now, I doubt you’re alone.

It’s worth watching the video for the requisite “Namaste” shout from one of the anchors. Sigh. That may make the piece’s point.

If I’m not mistaken, though, you may recognize some of the yogis from the live shot.

Update: If you can find Eddie Stern’s Facebook page, he put his thoughts about it there.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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