Yoga and coffee, of course

We’re contractually obligated to pass this story along because of the headline: “Yoga and coffee brought together in Leslieville“:

A new yoga studio in Leslieville is providing a place for yoga students to both work out and hang out.

It’s called Yogaville and it has been established with an on-site cafe.

“What we noticed was that a lot of the yogis, a lot of the yoga students after their classes, they actually spent a lot of time with each other and they become really good friends,” said Mazi Roz of Yogaville, when explaining the concept to CBC News.

“So we figured we could actually provide that space for them.”

I’m sure it isn’t the only yoga studio that also offers coffee; I do know it’s better than offering cold-press juice. And I think there ought to be more.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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