The importance, or not, of sacredness

Is it a feeling of home?

A few weeks back, I had to practice a few mornings in my hotel room — not entirely successfully.

And then I got back to our dedicated yoga room, complete with altar, Hindu gods, pictures — including of Tim Miller.

The difference was almost night and day.

Some of that comes from terribly obvious and wholly physical reasons: More, familiar space; the regular mat; any necessary props.

But there’s also something more esoteric to it, whatever it is that builds up from repeated practices (or mantras or chanting) and lingers.

It’s why, I suspect, people were so happy to hear that Ashtanga Yoga New York is not moving. Guruji was there; there’ve been umpteen hours of serious practice; there’s also the Broome St. Temple activities. It’s why people still think back fondly on the old Ashtanga Yoga Center space, which by every account I’ve heard certainly wasn’t as nice as the current one. (And I think a lot of the nostalgia has dissipated as the new location has gathered up this … whatever you want to call it.) It’s what you hear about practicing in Mysore, especially the old shala. (And, like with AYC, increasingly the new.)

Shakti, maybe. The power that builds up and embodies a space of serious Sadhana. (Which may mean it isn’t the right word for our home practice space, or at least only half right.)

It mostly makes for a better — in the sense of deeper, more focused, more yoga-ish — practice. It’s something one can tap into, a wave one can ride. But perhaps it also can be off-putting, a wall to those who might be skeptical of the sense of sacredness. (Or skeptical of the idea of surrender.)

It might be the one good thing I can think of in regards to SUP yoga.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “The importance, or not, of sacredness”

  1. I feel the same way about my yoga room & the shala where I also practice, but less so ( many energies at the shala). It is all that you note & for me it is mostly the energy & serenity that is imbued in that space, it welcomes & envelopes.

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