Some highlights from the Ashtanga Yoga Conference in Bali

I’ve been keeping an eye out for videos or other highlights from the Ashtanga Yoga Conference that happened last week in Bali, and so far there hasn’t been much.

Until now. Here’s a recap for everyone who wasn’t there:

In that week, I learned that my 8-year old Primary Series practice is not entirely healthy in a way that I am causing an imbalance through all the forward bending that I have been doing for that long period. It’s been said in one of the panel discussions that we should put less focus on the binding or perfecting a pose before moving on to the next, but more on the dedication and earnestness of the student. According to Nancy, Guruji said that, “the next pose helps the last”. So in line with this, I got the first 6 poses of the Intermediate Series from Manju.

There’s a series of quotes from all the teachers involved, too.

Video from the 2013 version is here, available for a donation. I suppose I’m suspecting something similar from this month’s gathering. So we can stay tuned for that.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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