Looking to spice up your yoga practice?

Well, if you’re in New York, you’re in luck.

I guess.

According to the authorities at Good Morning America, our country (meaning the U.S.) is about to be invaded by Vogers.

That’s be people who do Voga, a combo of yoga poses and Vogueing, which Madonna (bonus added yoga connection) made popular in the 1980s.

I checked, by the way, and it is not April 1. So here’s the news:

The class description offers the “synchronized movement of Yoga with the expressive moves of a dance class, fusing power and strength with attitude and flamboyance, where slick alignment is key,” the class description reads.

“Voga offers all the health benefits of yoga and more, thanks to a unique series of poses and counter-postures that work the whole body, right down to the hands and feet,” said Juliet Murrell, the woman who created the practice. She said aside from physical benefits, it also inspires confidence. Murrell, a certified yoga instructor, created Voga as a way to regain her energy while suffering from chronic fatigue.

Apparently it is somehow coming to New York City in June. Consider yourself warned.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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