It’s official: Colorado won’t force yoga trainings to undergo state oversight

Closing the news mudra here: Colorado officially won’t force yoga training programs to follow state regulations. (As we have been mentioning.)

Gov. John Hickenlooper — I believe currently the best-named governor in America — signed the bill this week:

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill Thursday to exempt yoga teaching programs from occupational-training regulation.

The bill passed after about 80 yoga training studios received letters last year from a state agency planning to step up oversight on yoga-teacher training. The suggestion brought howls of protest from the yoga studios, some of which consider teacher training a major part of the business.

I wonder if this issue — or more broadly yoga as a business — will get big enough to force nationwide rules. You’d think a $25 billion or so industry might appear on the radar…

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2 thoughts on “It’s official: Colorado won’t force yoga trainings to undergo state oversight”

  1. This kind of regulation (vocational training oversight) is a state-by-state issue. The only thing that would have nationwide implications is a court ruling that challenges regulation on constitutional grounds. If anyone reading this comment runs a teacher training program that is being adversely affected by a state regulatory board, they should contact me directly at, as they may potentially be a client in a landmark legal case.

    1. Well, while the Sonima case seems to be headed in the direction I suspect most people who read this blog want, there’s always that factor that could impact things.

      There are probably some health and safety rules — OSHA? — that someone might try. I certainly agree training is state-by-state — it just seems yoga might make an attractive target for someone thinking “big.”


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