Here’s one way you can help the Nepal earthquake victims

If you haven’t yet sent money or other assistance to the victims of Saturday’s horrific earthquake in Nepal, here’s you chance. (It’s even you chance if you have.) It comes via our friends at Namarupa and the Broome St. Temple:

We have received an urgent request from our friends at for help.

Waves for Water works on the front-line of disaster areas around the globe to provide clean water to communities in need. Broome Street Temple has a close association with Wavers For Water and worked together on relief efforts following Super Storm Sandy.

Some time back many of you responded to our plea for help when floods struck at the western end of the Himalayas. At that time our primary purpose was to create an education fund, Namarupa Bhandava, for children of the effected villages. Through your help we raised $16,2008.00. We have been releasing these funds on an annual timetable per the instructions of Swami Janardanandaji who is managing the fund distribution to the village children.

We have asked and received permission from Swamiji to send $1000.00 to WavesforWater to purchase desperately needed water filters in support of its Nepali relief efforts. They have a great deal of experience in disaster areas at distributing filters which help prevent many health problems that occur for some time after earthquakes have struck.


If you are inclined you can help replenish the Namarupa Bhandava fund by sending any small amount here.

You can also donate directly to Waves For Water here.

Thank you

Best wishes

Robert Moses and Eddie Stern

Namarupa Bhandava

As a reminder, the Bhandava effort was set up in the summer of 2013 to help the victims of the floods in northern India. But hardship and hope know no borders.

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