‘Yogis go home,’ complete with a middle finger

This is the funniest yoga news I’ve seen in a while. From San Diego, and in no apparent way related to the Encinitas school story:

Some people are angry about the hundreds of people doing yoga in a park in Pacific Beach every weekend.

One person even wrote on the sidewalk, “Yogis go home” with a middle finger underneath.

“One person thinks it’s his park,” said a woman who didn’t want to be identified. The woman didn’t write the message, but she agrees with the person who did.

She said around 250 to 300 people come out to do yoga in the park every Saturday and Sunday.

“Who wants to walk by there with a bunch of butts in the air?” She asked.

Good question!

Apparently, the issue of the yogis congregating already has gone to court (of course), which sided with the yogis based on that burdensome “freedom to gather” part of the U.S. Bill of Rights. One can only imagine Thomas Jefferson spinning in lotus in his grave.

Also, while we’re rounding up news, if you’re living someplace where you are worried they won’t celebrate International Day of Yoga, no fear — at least if you live near India’s embassy:

If any country refuses to allow India to celebrate International Yoga Day on its (that country’s) soil, then it will be celebrated at the Indian embassy in that country since the embassy is “sovereign Indian territory”, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has declared.

Just a quick Google search will find it.

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