Here’s your Tim Miller-approved Sun Salute C

If you’ve ever taken an improv class or done a workshop with Tim Miller, you may be familiar with his Sun Salute C sequence.

Now he — or someone impersonating him online — has provided the sequence and instruction at Yoga Journal:

Ashtanga, a physically demanding practice that involves synchronizing the breath with near-constant movement in a prescribed series of postures, is already rich with Sun Salutations in the form of two sequences: Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B, which weaves in Chair Pose andWarrior I. If you’re already familiar with A and B and are up for something a bit more improvisational, give Sun Salutation C a try.

It comes complete with images and helpful run-throughs of the poses involved. Maybe something to try out on the next Moon Day?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

4 thoughts on “Here’s your Tim Miller-approved Sun Salute C”

  1. Interesting.
    AG Mohan gives something similar in his book on Krishnamacharya. He even suggests one to expand the vinyasa count by adding postures in to it.

  2. This is practically how the rocket does the standig postures. It follows the poses one side first and then the other side instead of one pose both sides as the tradition

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