Are these your next yoga pants?

I wasn’t going to pass this on until I noticed two things:

  1. The first store is going to open in Mysore, so I’ll take a leap and guess they have Ashtanga in mind. (Goa and Pune are among the next ones.)
  2. And there was this in the “about” part: “It has taken designs from ancient India and recreated them using cutting edge technology to make them relevant to our modern day yoga practice.”

So, OK, I’ll bite. I’m curious what all the yoga-wear makers have been missing.

And I’ll back up. The company touting this is called IKA Yoga Wear Pvt. Ltd and the product that will marry ancient designs with cutting-edge technology is called Proyog.

It gets better. According to the company, there hasn’t been a real set of clothes designed for yoga yet:

Co-founder and Product Head, Malika Baruah asserts, “Yoga wear across the globe has been largely sportswear in disguise. None of the global brands have paid attention to the specific needs and requirements of yoga. 95% of the market comprises of polyester and nylon products that are antithetical to yoga. Proyog, on the other hand, has stayed true to yoga wherein every product is designed to enhance the practice. It is very unlikely that a yoga practitioner will go back to anything else after having tried Proyog.”

I’m thinking that’ll come as news to a few companies out there.

I will applaud one part of IKA Yoga Wear’s mission: “The company is intent on demonstrating to the world, India’s ability to design and manufacture best-in-class products in the multi-billion dollar yoga wear market.” In other words, it wants to lift up part of India’s economy — and do so within a business sector of which the country ought to have a big piece.

Not surprisingly, the company’s launching on June 21 — International Day of Yoga.

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