Yoga helps a man walk again, and his church totally freaks out

Here’s a story just to remind you of the world in which you live:

If yoga helps a Christian man to walk for the first time in thirty-three years, does his newfound strength come from God or the Devil? That is the question tearing apart an Evangelical church in Las Vegas.


So, when John Taylor prayed earnestly that a similar miracle might befall his fellow church member, Mike Persi, he prayed in faith, believing, and then waited. Mike had been wheelchair bound for over three decades, ever since an accident at age 27 left him unable to walk or to speak without stuttering.

The odds were long against Mike getting back on his feet. But one week later, an acquaintance who didn’t know about the prayer sent John’s wife a video in which a man with similar injuries regained his ability to walk through intensive yoga therapy. John took it as a sign. So did Mike. So did born-again Christian yoga instructor, Mitch Menik, who even offered to take Mike into his own home during a course of intensive treatment.

Miracle or Dark Magic?

When Mike took his first wobbly but unassisted steps, all involved were thrilled and thanked God for a miracle that to their minds was modeled on the ministry of Jesus. But not everyone in Mike and John’sAbundant Living Las Vegas congregation felt the same. When friends set up a GoFundMe page to help Mitch cover income lost during the time he was working with Mike, most parishioners refused to contribute. And when Abundant Living’s pastor blessed the therapy, members (and money) poured out of the church.

The story continues with background on folks like Pat Robertson as well as some OK miracles, like a guy apparently raised from the dead.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Yoga helps a man walk again, and his church totally freaks out”

    1. 1. God does not exist at least in the form that can send people (if God really cared why wait three decades before sending help?)

      2. Yoga is not just exercise. But, exercise is a part of yoga. I accept that it is unfortunate that practicing people have contributed to this misidentification, by using Yoga synonymous with asana. May be, yoga is easier and cooler to say than asana!

      3. And the exercise is therapeutic. It is far more intelligent form of exercise than swinging a pair of dumbles or running marathons.

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