One of the first Western Ashtangis is posting new videos

You probably have heard of Anthony Gary Lopedota, especially if you’re an Ashtangi here on the West Coast. Quick bit from his bio:

In 1979, sitting with Professor Krishna Pattabhi Jois, affectionately known as Guru Ji, I received a profound picture of what this time of my life would look like. He gave me the name Shyama, another name for Krishna, because I was born on the full moon of August/September, considered by some as Krishna’s birthday. Guru Ji is well known for being the Ashtanga Yoga series originator; in addition he is a professor of Sanskrit, a therapist, priest, astrologer and palm reader. The name Jois comes from the Sanskrit word for astrologer. On this day he read my palm and told me, “after 55, only for meditating in the jungle, you.” Although not completely literal, he saw a profound change that would take place in my life.

Along with Brad Ramsey, Gary helped bring Guruji to San Diego in the way back times. You can read Tim Miller’s take on that history here.

He’s now posting some new videos that are a different take on things, but clearly in line with the direction he found more than 30 years ago. The channel is at this link. Here’s what I think is fair to call the first video:

One of the three reflects, I think, the strand of Guruji’s teaching for the injured and ill.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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