Notes from an Ashtanga workshop with Greg Nardi — in English and Italian

I’m actually surprised you don’t find more online reflections of workshops with the many, many traveling Ashtanga teachers. It’s a lost opportunity to build a broad online resource for people.

But here’s one, from a workshop with Greg Nardi. These are two “quotes” from the review that were, for me, the most striking part (the formatting gets a bit funky because I’m grabbing something that’s already a WordPress quote):

On strenght and flexibility

I never heard Guruji talking about flexibility, he always talked about strenght and stamina. Building strenght in the physical body is necessary to build inner stength, hence to bring yoga beyond the physical level.

On ego and pain

When you practice from the ego, pain will come. Next posture shouldn’t be forced, it should come as a natural evolution.

Got check it all out, including the Italian version.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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