Soylent Green is yogis!

I’ll point you to a fun article in the weekend’s New York Times, and first add a caveat and then a reminder.

Caveat: I can’t believe this hasn’t — or won’t — spill (later on that pun will be great) into yoga circles.

Reminder: We’ve talked about smoothies before, and this takes it one step further:

Boom times in Silicon Valley call for hard work, and hard work — at least in technology land — means that coders, engineers and venture capitalists are turning to liquid meals with names like Schmoylent, Soylent, Schmilk andPeople Chow. The protein-packed products that come in powder form are inexpensive and quick and easy to make — just shake with water, or in the case of Schmilk, milk. While athletes and dieters have been drinking their dinner for years, Silicon Valley’s workers are now increasingly chugging their meals, too, so they can more quickly get back to their computer work.


Rob Rhinehart, a software engineer, said he came up with the idea for Soylent in 2013 while working long hours at a wireless communications company and realizing he was eating poorly. He said he wanted to create something that could be “universally applicable” for hard-working people like himself. So he founded Soylent, based in Los Angeles, that year and gained more than $3 million in funding from the crowdsourcing site Tilt.

Orders took off quickly. The company said it had shipped more than the equivalent of six million “meals” across the United States. Mr. Rhinehart declined to share financial details but said his company was shipping “at the kiloton scale” each quarter and had attracted $24.5 million in financing. While Soylent has a diverse customer base, tech workers in particular have the “early-adopter personality” that makes them open to trying the powder, Mr. Rhinehart said.

This just feels like something that would take root among yogis, who are looking for a simple way to eat that is high on the nutrition scale and low on fuss. A little something to have at, say, 7 p.m. that won’t feel heavy come 6 a.m. practice? Twelve ounces or so post-practice? Something to have out in the wilderness on a seven-day meditation retreat?

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