The chances of a YogaWorks showing up in your area just got better

Especially if you live in Boston or Washington.

And for sure if you live in San Francisco.

The reason? Well besides the obvious — money! — it’s because YogaWorks has just made a strong move into California’s Bay Area by combining with a smaller, long-established chain there called Yoga Tree.

Which limb is synergy in, again?

Here’s the news from the Los Angeles Times:

Yoga Tree, a small Bay Area chain, has been acquired by growing Southern California company YogaWorks.

The deal increases Santa Monica-based YogaWorks’ reach into the lucrative Bay Area market, said Phil Swain, chief executive of YogaWorks.

“We’re very excited about the Bay Area,” he said. “It’s a very strong community.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The deal attempts to capitalize on yoga’s growing popularity.

The Times calls the two “two of the oldest chains in California.” And, yes, it uses “bent” as a pun in its lead. It also cites a National Institutes of Health study that says 10% of Americans practiced yoga in 2012.

At this point, YogaWorks operates 28 studios in California (mainly LA and Orange counties) and New York. I know. I also thought: Only 28?

Now it’s more like 36. And more to come. YogaWorks has its sights on Boston and DC back east and, building off this acquisition, the Bay Area here in California.

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