This story on the Hanuman Festival is missing a key detail: Who’s Hanuman

Today is the kickoff of the fifth Hanuman Festival, being held again in Boulder, Colo. So you probably know what that means: Richard Freeman is a key draw:

Morning: 8:30-10:30 a.m.: Richard Freeman’s Touching Infinity, for intermediate students. Freeman, of Boulder, is a popular returning instructor to the festival. He has been doing yoga since 1968, and his Hanuman classes are always packed.

What the preview story at the local paper, the Boulder Daily Camera, is missing is the explainer on who or what Hanuman is. Maybe everyone in America’s “fittest city” already knows. But that sure feels like info 101 to include.

I’m nitpicking, of course. (The story also seems to assume everyone knows what a kirtan is.) Here’s a few other tidbits that might be of interest:

Participation has steadily grown about 30 percent every year since its inception, organizers say.

About half of the attendees come from out of state, says Yoshi Aono, founder of the festival. This translates to an estimated $500,000 in revenue for the city of Boulder, he says.


Also new this year: the launching of Hanuman Adventures, which will organize yoga retreats with a service component throughout the year, as a way to extend the spirit of the festival throughout the year and beyond Boulder’s borders, says Aono.

“Hanuman Adventures takes the traditional yoga retreat, which is a very sweet experience to be on a retreat, but it adds in an element of being part of a local culture and contributing somehow,” he says.

That last news might be something to watch for, no?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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