Here’s why you shouldn’t be saying ‘Ashtanga was designed for young boys’

We’ve covered Eddie Stern’s clear and unarguable statement about the myth that Ashtanga was created for young boys. And we’ve encouraged everyone to pass that along.

This morning, I got a clear example of why that’s important.

Thumbing through the Facebook, I saw on the feed from someone from high school — the classic Facebook friend, someone I wasn’t especially friendly with in high school — a post about a yoga course for kids. I’ll skip the details beyond saying this is a tangential project to the person’s main focus, and that it sounds a lot like what the Sonima Foundation is trying to do: mindfulness training, health eating, better life habits.

And then, there was this comment on it: “[Y]oga was designed to calm the minds of 14 year old boys in India.”

Whoa. Talk about wrong. But you can see the root, right? In this case, the repeated myth isn’t just about Ashtanga, as developed by Pattabhi Jois, but yoga — all yoga.

So, to repeat to the choir: Ashtanga, and yoga, wasn’t designed for young boys.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “Here’s why you shouldn’t be saying ‘Ashtanga was designed for young boys’”

  1. I’m reading the new book by Michelle Goldberg on Indra Devi’s life titled The Goddess Pose. This is the first I’ve read of anything Michelle has written (I’m into chapter 2) and yet in her Preface she perpetuates the myth that Ashtanga was created for small boys :-/ sooooo….I’m not sure what else she might be perpetuating about Indra Devi since I have no context for Indra’s story. We’ll see…

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