A few changes

This will be a quick one with a few announcements. Nothing major, but…

After going daily with this blog for several years, work and life (and maybe sometimes the actual practice on the mat) have gotten a bit busier, and there are the occasional day when finding something relevant is fairly hard.

Which, strangely, feels like things were in the beginning. Back even four or so years ago, when the Confluence first got announced, the main Ashtanga teachers we focus on weren’t doing much to promote themselves online. That changed a lot, with Eddie Stern posting regularly and the Yoga Workshop also being pretty consistent in getting stuff online. David Swenson for a while was updating his website regularly. Tim Miller keeps on keeping on with his Tuesday posts. For a while, I thought the main reason behind this blog — to be a resource where people could find news and info about the Western teachers we would loosely call our influences — had run its course. And then people started pulling back.

And people’s online habits changed. More mobile, less on the computer. Facebook — which during our most trafficked year was a big source of views — altered its ways, severely limiting how much people see unless you buy advertising. (A hearty “boo” to Facebook.) At that point, it felt like what we do was more unusual and hopefully useful.

Lately, the Ashtanga news has continued to be pretty quiet. And that combines with our being busier. And so that means this little change:

Rather than posting every day, we’re going to take Saturdays and Moon Days off, just like we all do with practice. Otherwise, we hope you won’t notice a big difference, and we hope that won’t alter your interactions with this here blog/webpage/whatever. We hope it will allow us to be a little more relevant and targeted to Ashtanga, yoga and coffee.

We’ll also keep gearing up for Tim Miller’s first Third Series training this August. I’d call that the next big thing on the horizon. And then the Confluence in the spring, perhaps, after that.

Alright. Anyway, thanks for everyone who consistently reads, comments, sends us emails, interacts with us on Facebook or Twitter. And thanks to those who pop in every now and again.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “A few changes”

  1. A heartfelt thank you for the commitment. I seldom leave comments but have been following your blog for years now – it is the best source of ashtanga yoga related news and a part of my morning routine; loading up the page as I have a post practice coffee 🙂

  2. I share Ros’ sentiments exactly – my gratitude to you for all your effort and time. Enjoy your newfound Saturdays and Moon Days!

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