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Prison yoga seems to be a subtopic here. Perhaps it reflects that we’re all imprisoned in the maya of this world and our roundabout on the karmic wheel.

Whatever the reason, you might find your way closer to reaching realize if you read Tim Miller’s blog post this week:

Apparently there are quite a few inmates on death row that practice yoga of some kind, but, at this point, Tony is the only one who is proficient enough to do the complete primary series with all of the vinyasas. A couple of Tony’s “brothers on the row” have also started to practice ashtanga yoga, and he has been mentoring them to some extent. I told Tony to feel free to write me with any questions about the practice and he responded with one about the proper execution (maybe that’s the wrong word) of garbha pindasana. The irony of someone doing garbha pindasana (the embryo in the womb) on death row is not lost on me. Tony warned me that his “brothers on the row” would be writing me with their questions as well, and ended his letter with a P.S. that he saw an article by me in the June issue of the Yoga Journal on Suryanamaskara C, which he plans to start incorporating into his practice.

Read more for more of of Tim’s thoughts on time …

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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