New rule if you want to practice in Mysore

Some new boldface wording at the Mysore website:

Students who are applying for Sharath’s class must have studied at least 2 months with any of our Certified/Authorized teachers( mentioned in our teachers list) before coming to study with Sharath in Mysore Shala.

Not sure how they will confirm that, or if it is just the honors system.

Anyone know if very inexperienced students were showing up this past year? (Not that two months is a ton… and not that non-Certified/Authorized teachers can’t provide a solid foundation) Maybe it is another reason?

Addition: Registration opens Aug. 1 for November.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

6 thoughts on “New rule if you want to practice in Mysore”

  1. A fellow who registered with me, when asked by Sharath who he studied with, named an unauthorized teacher. I think perhaps that happened more often than usual. And people asked questions in conference (e.g., “How do I get certified?”) that probably made Sharath think about whether people needed some exposure to the practice before coming to study with him.

  2. This looks like a full fledged business now.
    The transformation from KPJ’s therapeutic practice into a cross-fit like licensed fitness program did not take long.

  3. Interesting to see how that is going to work. Probably some type of screening mechanism because it was getting hella packed…but who knows…except Sharath, what the real reason is..

  4. Thanks for the information. I think for some of us (newbies) who will be first time travelers to Mysore can certainly benefit from posts like this. It’s also worth noting that if one plans to travel to The Institute, to keep an eye on the calendar there:
    Any other resources are always appreciated, i.e., where to stay, where to eat, what to expect, etc.

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