‘Yoga-based exercise’ comes to schools in South Carolina; ‘I’m very excited’

Representatives from the Sonima Foundation, including Eddie Stern, have been busy recently in South Carolina, prepping teachers there to provide yoga — or “yoga-based exercise,” as one news report puts it — to their students.

Here’s a video report, with Eddie interviewed about 35 second in:

There’s more info here, and you might get a kick out of how the guy introduces the segment in the video embedded there. (Spoiler: It involves how he says the word “yoga.)

Hundreds of students in Beaufort County will be doing yoga this year as a part of their physical education classes.

The new program is being introduced to teachers at the district’s yearly summer institute.

WTOC spoke with some educators to find out why they think the exercise will help students to better perform in the classroom.


“We have this program that we’re teaching; it consists of what we call best practices in health and wellness. We have an exercise component, which includes some stretches from yoga, some stretches from cardio, and some stretches from things you might find in physical therapy,” said Eddie Stern, Director of Curriculum.

One instructor says yoga influences positive change in classrooms.

“When included inside the school day at least two times a week, it has been reducing students’ stress levels, improving attendance in some circumstances, and readily reducing disciplinary actions suspension rates have been falling in the districts we’ve been teaching,” said Stern.

School starts for the kids on Aug. 17.

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