Friday asana aid: Arda Matsyendrasana

One thing I’ve discovered, speaking purely of asana now, during my yoga studies is that the “easier” postures are only easier up to a point. Getting them “right” (which I know is a topic unto itself) — drisjti, bandhas — getting maximum benefit from them is just about as hard as perfecting a really “tough” pose.

In part, that may be because so much attention goes into the harder poses — the challenge is laid out there before you. But it’s also that the subtle adjustments and the working in (as opposed to out) are just as demanding, whether you are in Karandavasana or this week’s asana aid topic, Arda Matsyendrasana. The final 1% of every pose is equally difficult.

So here’s some help in this easy pose. The first to pop up in YouTube:

Next up, the one with the most views:

And with the second most views:

Finally, another popular one:

And can someone answer this question: This seems to be the first pose where the video mentions it is “for better sex”; what’s up with that?

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