So… pick your six Ashtanga poses

On Friday, we passed on the big news that Ashtanga only has six poses in it! Who knew? Apparently none of the old hand students and teachers. It took a woman on the Today show to shed the light on us.

(Coming next month, Today unveils what’s really in the Yoga Korunta.)

With this news, of course, has come lots of people joking about these six poses. But so far, no one has clarified which they are.


Now’s your chance to forever alter the Ashtanga practice. Which six poses should make up Ashtanga? Bonus points for both valid and hilarious points.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

6 thoughts on “So… pick your six Ashtanga poses”

  1. Straight out the the 200 hour playbook: “Wild thing”, “reverse warrior”, “updog”, “chair pose”, “happy baby”, and “cat to cow” (which is technically two poses, but because we don’t know or care about the sanskrit name we can fuse them together). Make sure there is a killer playlist too!

    1. Isn’t that LA yoga? Except that instead of chair it would be the essential “Half Moon” and instead of “cat to cow,” it would be handstand.

  2. Ekam inhale…

    Sun Salutation A has six poses, if you don’t count samastih-hee-hee

    Or this:

    1. Sun Salute A

    2. Sun Salute B

    3, 4, 5: The Three Closing Postures

    6. Savasana

    The “daily minimum” works as my Six Ashtanga Poses.

  3. How do you define a pose? What actions constitute a pose? Is it the body remaining still in a particular configuration for a certain minimum time? What is this minimum time? What is considered still? Should you be in Kumbhaka? Are you allowed to bat your eyelids?

    Please can the advanced, learnt yogis here supply a proper definition?

  4. Or the 6 series of Ashtanga: “yoga chikitsa”, “nadi shodhana”, “sthira bhaga”, “sthira bhaga” continues, The ashtanga fifth series (also known as
    advanced C) and sixth series (also called
    advanced D series) have morphed a lot from
    the days when the poses were part of one
    huge “advanced series”, later known as
    “advanced A&B”

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