Your week, according to Vedic astrology

Tim Miller is up at Mt. Shasta for the second of two weeks of his annual trip (before, I should note, somehow making it all the way down the length of California, on Saturday, I’m guessing, before starting to welcome the flood of Third Series Teacher Training students on Sunday), where it’s a little smoky from all the fires that again are burning in California.

You can read more at his blog post this week, which focuses on the differences of our every day lives. In it, what jumped out at me, was about the most concise summation of how Vedic astrology looks at the week and the influence of the planets. It’s something he’s written about before, but never in quite such a neat package (to me knowledge). Sort of a 101 course:

In an attempt to understand these daily fluctuations I began to look into astrology for answers.  In Vedic astrology, each day of the week has a ruling planet, and each planet has a personality which creates a certain bhav, or mood, on its given day.  For example:  on Sundays we feel sunny, on Mondays we feel moody, on Tuesdays we feel energetic, but headstrong, on Wednesdays we are more intellectually inclined, on Thursdays we feel optimistic, on Fridays we feel more loving, and on Saturdays we feel obliged to take care of those sometimes unpleasant, but important mundane affairs.  At the same time the moon is either waxing or waning, and the planets are making aspects to one another that sometimes create a sense of ease and other times present great challenges.

As I’m about to go practice, I wish it were Tuesday or at least Thursday. Perhaps during practice I’ll consider why that is.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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