New study: Yoga is as safe as other exercise

They’re still talking about that New York Times article. But good news! This time, it’s to point out (what we all know): That article was flawed, flawed, flawed.

A new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology determined this: “Findings from this review indicate that yoga appears as safe as usual care and exercise.”

So go ahead and do that shoulder stand, head stand and whatever else — while recognizing your limits.

Time magazine dives deeper:

Only 2% of people who did yoga experienced any adverse events, and some of those who did already had severe diseases. The study didn’t look at the types of injuries, but other data suggests that the most common kinds of injuries are musculoskeletal, like back pain, Cramer says. Other adverse events include aggravation of glaucoma in patients with the disease, especially in headstand or shoulder stand poses.

Serious yoga injuries are rare, these findings suggest; they bolster survey data last year that found less than 1% of yoga practitioners in the U.S. stopped because of an injury. Much more common than injuries are the benefits, find Cramer’s other meta-analyses.

What that means is: The danger of yoga is pretty darn small.

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