‘Small classes = lots of attention!’

Get your fixie out.

Eddie Stern has the schedule up for the Brooklyn Yoga Club. Click through here to check out the listing — small classes — for September. If you investigate a bit, you’ll see it is set up for the new studio in Manhattan when it opens Sept. 21. Here’s the most important facts:

When a class is filled it, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a class a half hour earlier or later. We also will have two price options only for this month: $200 for as many classes as you like, and $20 for a drop in.

A thing that jumps out at me: Eddie isn’t using mindbodyonline, which seems to have totally locked up the yoga scheduling programs online. Nothing wrong with breaking that stranglehold.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “‘Small classes = lots of attention!’”

  1. Mindbody blows. We built our own – this version is just for the next month. The full on version will be put into action when we launch the new website. So far it works pretty great, and we’ll see about making it available for people.


    1. Indeed, MindBody blows hard!
      We created our own version, too, albeit not for ongoing classes just yet — just for retreats and workshops that have set beginning and end dates. We were tired of hearing about how complicated and expensive it was for yoga teachers and studio owners. Our system is integrated with PayPal (and can be integrated with Facebook) and allows event creators to set up automatic installment plans which make retreats more affordable for students.

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